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Sound has been used for healing for many years. It works on a vibrational frequency to clear any blocked energy or imbalances in your body. These might be expressing themselves as negative emotions, pain and discomfort.

Everything in life including our environment and every part of our being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually vibrates at a certain frequency. When we are not feeling at our best or have blocked emotions or physical pain it is an indication that we are not vibrating at our optimum frequency.

When you work with sound you are working on all levels of your being and your environment, as everything is energy and everything has a vibration and a frequency .

Through intention and the regular use of sound it helps us begin to raise our frequency, heal and feel a greater positive perspective on life. This helps us to feel better and makes it harder for low frequency negative emotions to affect us. We can then see things more clearly and have massive breakthroughs in areas of our lives that we didn’t think would be possible.

In my sound healing session I use the following instruments: Tibetan Bowls, Ocean Drum, Chimes, Happy Drum and other Tribal instruments.

That’s Sound Healing in a nut shell.

A 20-minute chat with me and you, focusing solely on clarifying your intention and giving you a body scan meant to rebalance your physical, mental and emotional bodies. 


I'm now offering virtual sessions! With all of the craziness that people are dealing with I wanted to be able to bring the same feelings of balance, clearing and focus that I give people in person to the comfort of your home. These simple sessions have 3 steps. 

Virtual Rebalancing and Sound Healing Recording

I record your personal sound healing journey and send it to you!


You listen to mp3 file I send over with headphones whenever you like. Each time it will be exactly what you need, when you needed it and will clear roadblocks that are getting in the way, so you can transition towards your intention!


All of this is done in a group setting of like-minded individuals who have felt called to participate in that classes focus. When groups of people join together to focus on something, a bond is created, and the energy of the group is elevated.

This allows for deeper development and higher healing. Once the group is settled, we will enter into this 50-minutes journey together. With the guidance of my voice and indigenous instruments we, as a group, will journey deeply into the theme of the class. During your journey, I will be protecting the space and each person in order for the cleanest healing and safest journey to happen.

No class is the same and no one’s healings will mirror another. Your healing will be uniquely yours. I look forward to guiding your journey and seeing you transform your entire life, one month at a time.

Manifestation: once we have forgiven, healed, and raised our vibration we are finally ready to create and call forward the life of our dreams

Receiving: because even though we all think we want what we want, sometimes we aren’t vibrating at the frequency to receive everything that we truly desire

Heart healing: where we will delve deeply into our traumas and the situations that have caused us to close off, instead of open up, to life

Forgiveness: both for ourselves and for others

Sound Journey Classes allow a group of individuals to gather and heal over a central topic. In this elevated space we will journey through forgiveness, heart healing, our openness to receive and our ability to manifest in the matter of a month.

The journey will be protected and guided by my voice and indigenous instruments, allowing each individual to raise their vibration and create easier flow of what they want in their minds-eye to what they have in the physical world. I look forward to meeting you, guiding you and watching you develop over the coming months.

These Sound Journey Classes are just that, a journey. Themes rotate between 4 focuses:

Sound Healing Journey Classes

This 3 hour workshops focus soul-y on believing in yourself and raising your vibrational frequency. First, we will figure out what that phrase means to you. Then we will not only set your intention for the day, but we will place that intention into a crystal that you’ve hand-picked for its qualities.

A mandala will then be created that allows your crystal to recharge at the end of your day, keeping the vibration clean and high. Once your crystal is presented at the end of the workshop you will be free to re-enter the world with a crystal necklace that not only is uniquely yours but will also assist in your growth away from the habit of negative self-talk and into your original belief in your ability to conquer the world.

Workshops focus around one central idea: believing in yourself. There are many things over a lifetime that have chipped away at our innate belief in our dreams, our abilities, our individuality and our capabilities, with negative self-talk and lower vibrations and energy being the end result. This workshop is designed to assist you in finding a higher vibration that not only elevates you in the moment but will be easily transferred to everyday life.

We begin by delving into what believing in yourself means and deciding on an intention for that day. With intention in hand, you will place your crystal on the alter and I will channel your self-belief words into your crystal while you lie down and enjoy the journey. This crystals will be yours to wear every day and will help to elevate your vibration and make you think twice about the negative self-talk that has become your daily habit.

In order for these crystals to stay effective, in the workshop we will also create a mandala that has the intention to recharge and keep your crystal at the high vibration that you originally envisioned it to be at. The end of the workshop will consist of a presentation of your crystal back to you. This is a ritual that joins you to your crystal and your crystals intention in a way that you will feel deeply in your soul.

Remember that such a deep belief in ourselves is prevailing when we first come into this world, your crystal is just a personal reminder that you are still a person who is capable of anything.


Sessions are for those who are ready to dig deep and discover what it is that is keeping them from creating the life they were meant to live. Our soul will always vibrate at the frequency that we were meant to live by, one of abundance and purpose.

Our bodies, unfortunately, tend to get stuck on the more human aspects of our culture, like materialism, societal pressures, self-doubt. During our session, with the assistance of my voice and indigenous instruments, I will find the discord in your energy and release it, allowing for a more fluid flow between your desired life and your day to day experience.

One on one healings are meant for those who are ready to clear energy that is keeping them stuck in a cycle or blocked from their dreams and desires. These one-hour healings are assisted by nothing but my voice and the sounds of indigenous instruments, all of which assist me in finding the discord in the vibrations between your body and your soul.

You see, our soul will always have its intention set on our life path, the mission that we are sent to this earth to discover and conquer. Our bodies are usually what get caught up in the societal pressures, materialism and self-doubt that run rampant in our human culture. This lack of synergy is what causes us to have feelings of unresolved purpose which over time can throw us from our life path, keep us from focusing on what we know is truly important which results in low energy due to the split our body and soul are experiencing.

This session will be spent on our backs, lying down, letting your body indulge in relaxing and your mind to find its way to a meditative state, allowing me to begin my work. I will find the vibrational frequency of your body and soul and what is keeping them separated, whether it be a false belief, a traumatic experience, or something that has plagued you from lifetime to lifetime.

The session will be spent releasing these energetic inconsistencies from your space, resulting in a more natural flow between what you are experiencing and what you are meant to discover.

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