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Due to covid 19 and the restrictions put in place by the government, all of our events are currently suspended.

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Ru-tology Retreats are a uniquely orchestrated event aimed to support women who feel a loss of identity after years of being all things to all others. Specifically aimed at women in their 40’s that are ready to be liberated and healed on many wide-ranging topics that all focus on their belief in themselves and the fact that their lives are truly just beginning. With daily sound healing journeys and hand-picked complimentary workshops your energy as a whole will be elevated and your life will forever be changed!

Ru-tology retreats are where vibration meets restoration. At these retreats’ clients will be able to stay in beautiful locations throughout the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Meditations, workshops and healings will focus on believing in yourself after a lifetime of giving vast amounts of energy to different roles, whether it be that of caretaker, mother, daughter, sister and anything in between. As women, we attempt to be all things to all people while slowly forgetting what it is that we need, want and desire most out of our lives. There is no fault in this, in fact there is great beauty and pride to be had in these roles.

But this retreat is for you to get back to you, to bring out the tenacious and daring woman who has been patiently waiting to greet the world, all while curbing those sporadic and unfocused thoughts with the years of wisdom you have gained. Through daily sound healing practices, we will work through central obstacles that have divided the woman who knows what she wants from the woman who feels a loss of identity due to any myriad of reasons. We will work through things like belief in your sexuality, belief in being good enough, belief in deserving love and affection, and belief in prosperity, as well as moving blocked energy with the assistance of movement and healing workshops, eating well and having fun – as nothing is more nourishing to the soul than the infusion of play.

Before you leave you will have worked through things that you didn’t even realise were lowering your vibration, alongside creating a uniquely energetic crystal pendant and mandala whose soul role it is to keep your vibration elevated, allowing you the freedom to bring all of your deepest desires into the physical world around you.

Ru-tology Retreats

Bums, Tums & Legs
Costa Rica

Goddess Beach Workout

This class is a fun, high energy, beach workout! We will be gathering after the sun rises, clearing our energy, awakening our meridians to love and appreciation and getting our heart rates going while focusing on sculpting our legs, tummies, and beautiful behinds in a low-impact environment, accompanied by only the greatest 80’s music one can find! Can’t wait to see you there and share what I have learned is the best and most fun way to move after 33 years in the industry. Let’s raise our vibration in the company of some fellow Goddess energy!

A celebration of bodies and movement this morning beach workout is meant to get your day started the right way. Upon first convening, I will be smudging everyone to help clear any energetic blocks you may have woken up with. Then we will do some tapping to wake up our meridians with love and appreciation. From there we will explore movement that elevates our heart rates and focuses on sculpting and strengthening our bums, tums and legs, accompanied by 80’s music, of course.

Whether man or woman, advanced or just starting your movement journey, there is space in this class for you to enjoy not only the sunrise, but the community of fellow humans who are committed to their health and wellbeing. When classes are over, and your endorphins are running high never feel that this is your cue to leave. Instead think of this time as a cool down and networking session, connecting with your community and celebrating the thing that we have collectively just accomplished: Getting our sculpted booties out of bed and to the beach to move and groove, get clear and learn some new Spanish words!

I so look forward to seeing you there and moving with you.







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