About Ru-tee & Ru-tology

As this is all about sound, the best way to find out what it's about - is by speaking with me and hearing the sound of my voice so please feel free to call me via whats app on +44 7956 866678

Obviously, I dug deep, I looked inward, I travelled out and I found my space. I have settled here, in my new home, soul-y focusing on Ru-tology, which encompasses all of my experiences and holds your space for you. Space to celebrate our differences, to celebrate our abilities, to celebrate our journey, but most importantly, to celebrate our beliefs in ourselves, breaking through the bonds of our past and flowing freely, purposefully, diligently into our future.

Space to raise the vibration for the things we want and the belief in ourselves to accomplish and live the lives we were destined to live. Through sound healing all of this is possible. Through sound healing we can meet the vibration of our destiny. 

Hello. My name is Ru-tee and I am a lover of all things sound and high vibe-ing. I believe that as we grow and change our vibration does as well.

I have seen what manifests when we are in line with ourselves as well as what manifests when our soul mission is missing entirely. I went from being the face of Women’s Workouts for adidas and the physical therapist that people saw when they needed to heal their bodies to losing the ability to walk on my own, needing crutches just to get from point A to point B.

It was here that I had a choice. A choice to give in to the lower vibrations of victim-energy or to vibe above and believe in my body and myself.

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